Exclusive journeys on rails and rivers

Lernidee Trains & Cruises markets the finest trains on earth and the most extraordinary of rail routes. Travel on the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway or along the Silk Road in Central Asia, the most legendary trade route in the history of man. Travel the widths of the Namib Desert or along a section of the historical Baghdad Railway. Discover the world’s wonders on exotic waters and join one of our river cruises.


Our trains and cruises offer the most comfortable way to travel through distant countries. Exciting excursions guarantee authentic encounters, entertaining talks enhance your travel experience, culinary specialties whet your appetite for the distinctive flavours of exotic cultures.


As Europe’s most creative organiser of train journeys and charter cruises, we are your specialist for extraordinary trips to fascinating places.


Relying on the experience of almost 30 years, we have made unusual travel itineraries an art form. All our travel arrangements allow discovering unknown corners or rediscovering classic destinations around the entire globe.

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